What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Javar was very professional, polite and competent. It was a pleasure seeing a young male providing such
exceptional service.

I am happy to have worked with them, because the water damage restoration is really impressive. I could easily believe that they used some sort of magic here because the bathroom looks brand new. Great work!

Michael came out and he was great!

I was able to text someone daily and they responded with urgency. Since we were able to communicate via text it was super easy to receive feedback and connect with them at any time. The team was great at keeping their word on everything that they would. I honestly do not have any negative comments, it was all positive.  

I think that your team is professional and communicates very well. I would refer to them to someone else without any hesitation.

You all are the best and amazing. Bobby and Adnan came on time everyday and worked with perfection. If I ever need anything else in the future I will be calling you all first. Thank you again so much for everything!

Everyone was very well mannered and polite. From start to finish they explained everything in detail, I have no complaints.

During Christmas holidays my pump failed which caused a flood in our basement. We called SERVPRO of Panthersville. They came out and extract all that water and dry it out.

They did a very good job.

I would refer SERVPRO to anyone.

Called SERVPRO of Panthersville late night because I had a broken pipe in my utility room. Had water all over the place. SERVPRO got all the water up and place these fans in for 3 days. I could not believe that stuff could dry that quick.


Had lots of rain that week. My tenants called to say that the basement was flooded. Googled and found SERVPRO of Panthersville. They came out and assured me that they would be able to handle the job.

They were awesome. They moved my tenants contents out and dried up the all that water.

Thanks again for all your help SERVPRO

Came home to find water running down my driveway. Pipe had burst in my kitchen. All of my floors were covered with water. It was a mess. I called in SERVPRO of Panthersville. They came out and walked me through filing a claim and then went to work. The team did a very good job.

I told friends and family to call those guys in the big green trucks. SERVPRO.

Mr. Coleman did a great job, he was very informative, he satisfied all of our questions.