SERVPRO of Panthersville Employee Photos

Our male employee who works in the Marketing Department displays his profile photo, with art work behind him.

Kenneth Brabham

Kenneth Brabham is the Marketing Representative at SERVPRO® of Panthersville. He has extensive experiences in sales, marketing, and customer service. Kenneth’s primary role is to ensure that he establishes valuable business relationships with our Center of Influences (COIs), and that they are thoroughly satisfied with the services that SERVPRO® of Panthersville provides. He is a well-rounded and helpful person who endeavors to leave a very good impression on everyone who he meets.

Kenneth Brabham attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from South Carolina State University, and he obtained a Master of Science Degree in Business Management. Kenneth is also a talented musician who plays the saxophone, and his hobby is a Disc Jockey wherein he networks with a vast number of people. Kenneth’s goal is to market SERVPRO® of Panthersville as an emergency response Franchise who exceeds our customers’ expectations when they regain control of their lives after a disaster "Like it never even happened."

The male employee is attired in the SERVPRO uniform and artwork is in the background

Andrew Parrish

Andrew Parrish is the Production Manager at SERVPRO® of Panthersville. He has gained extensive experiences in the Restoration Industry since 2016 wherein he started as a Technician, he gradually progressed to a Lead Technician, and his in-depth knowledge enables him to be promoted to his current position as Production Manager.

Andrew Parrish has attained the Institute of Inspections Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) certifications, which includes Water Damage Restoration, Applied Microbial Remediation, Fire & Smoke Restoration, and Odor Control. In addition, he is certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) wherein he has successfully completed the 10-hours training course in General Industry Safety and Health. Andrew has applied the knowledge that he obtained from these certifications on his assigned projects.

Andrew Parrish is a diligent worker who is detail oriented. He takes pride in himself and the services that he provides. His goal is to provide the best quality service to our customers and restore their properties “Like it never even happened.”

The employee is attired in the SERVPRO uniform and an art work is in the background

Fred Freeman

Fred Freeman is the Production Technician at SERVPRO® of Panthersville. He graduated and obtained his High School diploma in 2007 that had a Career-Technology distinction attachment to it. Fred is driven to succeed and as such he began his career in the Restoration Industry. He embraces the knowledge that he obtains daily so that he can be one of the best SERVPRO® of Panthersville Technicians.

Fred Freeman has extensive experiences in doing demolition work from various projects that he was assigned throughout the Metro Atlanta area. He also has different skills from previous work experiences such as management, warehousing, and he is certified in Safety Training. Fred is dedicated and dependable when assigned tasks, and he aims to satisfy every customer after restoring their properties “Like it never even happened.”

The female employee is attired in the SERVPRO uniform and an art work is in the background

Kiana Morillo Diaz

Kiana Morillo Diaz is the Production Technician at SERVPRO® of Panthersville. Kiana is a native from the city of Maracaibo in Venezuela. She is a quiet individual yet an observatory person. Once she grasps the concepts of her assigned tasks, then she will come out of her comfort zone and ensure that her job performance is satisfactory and also adapt to the culture of the organization. She strives to emphasize the positive aspects of everything and to assist the Hispanic community as much as possible.

Kiana Morillo Diaz has experiences in performing Restoration services at various companies since 2017. She is able to work simultaneously with the Production Team to effectively perform the various assigned jobs. Her goal is to embrace the knowledge that she obtains daily so that she can restore our customers properties “Like it never even happened.”